Photos Get Deleted from Card if You Use it with Digital Photo Frame

Photos Get Deleted from Card if You Use it with Digital Photo Frame

Date Added: September 18, 2008 08:30:05 AM
Author: allen sood
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The memory cards come with the facility that you can use them with the digital photo frame. A digital photo frame is the picture frame which displays digital pictures without requiring printing them or using a computer system. It can also show the pictures on TV.

The digital photo frames are capable of showing pictures of all file formats. They can also display pictures as slideshow, usually with a changeable time interval.

Though it is very useful device, but sometimes could create problems with your photos. When you put your memory card in digital photo frame and hook it up to the USB of computer, the computer may freeze and the pictures may get deleted. Your memory card becomes empty and you can’t see any of your stored pictures.

When you try to read the card through card reader by attaching it to your system, the system may not freeze but you can’t see the pictures. The same situation occurs with the digital camera also.

This problem generally occurs due to incompatibility of the hardware or some problems in the data structure of the memory card. The problem could also occur due to virus attack or many other similar reasons.

Nonetheless the reason of the issue, the most important thing which you must consider, is your precious pictures. This event of invisibility and inaccessibility of the pictures is known as photo loss.

At this point of time, recovering the lost pictures becomes the need of hour. The photo loss can be more stressing if the lost photos include your first baby step photos, your wedding pictures, your vacation pictures, and your client’s pictures (if you are a professional photographer).

Though the photo loss bothers to the victim but it is not as grave as you think. You can perform photo recovery very easily and effectively using the third party applications, designed to recover the lost pictures in all possible cases.

Photo recovery software does a complete scan of the affected storage media and carry out an absolute photo recovery. These software are fairly easy to use and don’t require any sound technical knowledge to achieve photo recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software is the best ever made utility which can recover pictures of all file formats from a wide range of storage devices such as hard drives, digital cameras, memory cards, CD, DVDs and so forth.

This software is powerful enough to perform thorough scan of the affected device and come up with complete photo recovery. there is no need to worry about the integrity of the data as this software doesn’t perform any write operation to the media.

This outstanding photo recovery software is available in two forms usable with two different computer operating systems- Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

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